Feb 13, 2016

Fag Mag

Fag Mag Blogger Template

Fag mag is one of the best blogger template which is designed after having a closer view on many professional designs. Natures image with leafy background chosen for a beautiful glance. We're publishing Fag Mag template on valentines days.
Fag Mag blogger template took nearly a week to complete it's background coding. Neatness and clean from every aspect always remains the priority. Elegant thumbnails added in the navigation menu bar. Lightest in weight script is been injecting for the best performance.
One line trick to add and that is your blog's url will make the our feeds widget activate itself. A designer will always know to adjust the appearance with taking care of seo tags.

Blogger Template Name: Fag Mag

One click color code needed to change the whole template's color. Featured posts are long enough with shorter description places on slider area.

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  1. Hola, porque no me aparecen la imagenes en la pagina principal de la plantilla?

  2. What is that page in Theme Instruction!!!

    1. Its here sir - http://blog.enikz.com/2016/04/activate-featured-posts-area.html