MyMag Blogger Template

My Mag is a light color clean design template, specially made for blogs like Gallery style, News Magazine or Reviews blogs. Sticky share buttons will inside post area only. Best feature added in My Mag is its amazingly designed Header area, in which the blog's logo and navigation area adjust their sizes on scrolling. Time stamp in post area will appear as "19 days ago".. Three ads in sidebar area is added and functioning as fully responsive. Ads placement are ready to add code and four similar posts will appear if you've one in same label name.

Features Of MyMag Blogger Template

  • Sticky Navigation menu
  • 3 tab widget
  • Author widget
  • Related post

Comments :

  1. awesome template, but i thinnk your template will more awesome if you give a hover effect for menu and other options to be easily distinguished

  2. hello how to add a pic in the place of carton pic which is visible on the posts as behind of posted by

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You deleted my Comment!
    I come here everyday in a hope that you can help me :(

    1. A- its a empty blog.
      b- your posts are appearing fine.