Makkah Navigator is a City Guide Android App

In today's world every other person is searching for easy ways to start earning through online world. In coming period of time every website is going to convert into an app. For instance Instagram, Bank apps, Paypal and many more. I won't be wrong if i say this is the right time to create an app and upload it on the play store. If you've passion to do something, this is a golden chance for you. If you're familiar with your City's route then you're good to go. Arrange locations for different restaurants, malls, hotels, routes for the city, hospitals and train stations. You can even arrange emergency toll free numbers for easy access for the travelers. Its going to be a native android app, which means the user don't need to have internet data on their phones to use this app. Before making an order, have a closer look to the app by installing it on your android phones.

City Guide Native Android App

  • 4 different languages
  • Offline maps for routes
  • Lightweight android app
  • Elegant thumbnail images
  • App sharing feature
  • Fully responsive app
  • Toll free numbers

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