EpicTheme Responsive Blogger Template for Blogger

Hi friends, you guys are quite familiar that we're designing EPIC Themes for Blogger. Its been 4 years that we're into creating elegant templates for blogger. Epictheme is another design for all those, who love to write about gadgets and tech related stuff. EPIC is another decent template which is best suited for technology, gadgets, geekblogs and other article related blogs.

Features Of Epic Blogger Template

The thing that makes this theme unique is it has an embedded form exact above the header area. Any user or client will be easily able to send you a Hi by using the contact form. Social media icons are fixed on top right to make efficient and easy to navigate. On single post area link to next post is added right after the ending post to navigate easily throughout the site. Whatsapp share button is activated for both desktop and mobile phones. You're surely gonna get astonished by checking the speed of this fast loading theme. scrolling to top and four column footer area is enabled in this theme.