How to Install Blogger Template

Hola! We are glad to see that you liked Bloggertheme9 templates. We have optimized every single widget to work better for your blogger blog. Before uploading our theme on your blog, we will suggest you to REMOVE all your previous widgets from your blog (copy them anywhere on your PC) so that you can add them back. Heading on back to the topic.. Installing Blogger/Blogspot template
  1. Log in to your BLOGGER dashboard. 
  2. Select your blog you want to Upload the theme. 
  3. Don't forget to REMOVE all your current widgets before uploading the new theme. 
  4. Click on "TEMPLATE" from tabs on left. 
  5. On top right click on "BACKUP / RESTORE" Button. 
  6. Click on BROWSE and select the theme you have saved from Bloggertheme9 
  7. Now Click on "UPLOAD" Button and refresh after sometime.