swiftpress Blogger Template
SwiftPress is a wider background blogger theme. It consist of a quick loading three tab widget in sidebar and a recent post slider on homepage. You can change template's color by simply editing the main color in html. The elegant style 'comment form' will give a great buzz to the visitors. Zero images used in swiftpress, which makes the template to load faster. Time stamp is set to load as "a year ago" or "a day ago".

You can even navigate within the article to any other or previous post. Option can be seen below comment form. Mouse hovering at admin name will show author's google profile.
Swiftpress Responsive Blogger Template
  • Theme: SwiftPress Responsive Blogger Template

SwiftPress Blogger Template

BigVines Blogger Template
BigVines came on its finalizing stage in the blessed month of Ramadan. Whatsapp is on the edge or success, every another person with a cell phone is having whatsapp installed. Best feature of this template is "Whatsapp share button is enabled on iPhone and Android devices".

We tried to enhance BrazzyLife and this what we got, simply a Big Vine ;) We hope to receive more feedback on this Bigvines theme.
whatsapp share button blogger template
Blogger template with whatsapp share button

BigVines Blogger Template

BrassyLife Blogger Template
BrassyLife is a chit coding blogger template inspired from IconicOne theme. It's clean chit coding is fully SEO ready to be read or understand by any search engine. Iconic was a bit dimmer in colors, but BrassyLife is easy to visualize because of its modish design.

6 posts from three different categories will magnetize the user to have a stopover or to visit again.
BrassyLife Responsive Blogger Template

BrassyLife Blogger Template

themeShop Blogger Template
ThemeShop is what everyone's need for now, because as you all know about the recent update. That if the site is not mobile friendly / responsive, it wont be indexed by Google search engine in any search made from mobile devices.

ThemeShop is SEO optimized and 100% responsive theme that works best on any device. ThemeShop blogger template can be used on gallery, Templates Showcase, Gallery showcase or any other Photography site.
Themeshop Responsive Blogger Template

ThemeShop Blogger Template

My Mag Responsive Blogger Template
My Mag is a light color clean design template, specially made for blogs like Gallery style, News Magazine or Reviews blogs. Sticky share buttons will inside post area only.

Best feature added in MyMag is its amazingly designed Header area, in which the blog's logo and navigation area adjust their sizes on scrolling. Time stamp in post area will appear as "19 days ago".. Three ads in sidebar area is added and functioning as fully responsive. Ads placement are ready to add code and four similar posts will appear if you've one in same label name.
MyMag Blogger Template
  • Theme: MyMag Responsive Blogger Template

MyMag Blogger Template

Fib Mag Responsive Blogger Template
Fib Mag is a fresh design template which can easily take the response to give your blog a professional look. Every aspect of Fib mag is highly optimized to make it mobile and user friendly for desktop platform.

Fib was a premium theme on bt9 before. 100+ messages on 'bloggertheme9's facebook page, we decided to give it for free. Throughout Navigation bar in Fib mag is a Perfect choice for your niche blog, Typography, authority blog or journal, Magazine and other related project designs.
Fib Mag Responsive Design
  • Theme: FibMag Responsive Blogger Template

FibMag Blogger Template