Oct 2, 2016

Magento blogger template
Magento blogger template is our another neat & clean design theme. Magento is a custom color template, the best feature of this theme is, it has 2 comment form area. Visitor can easily switch from Blogger to Google+ comments by tapping on the tabs. The social bookmark buttons are designed in a very elegant style. Post tags are embedded above the bookmark buttons. Whenever the visitor reach down after reading the article, we have fixed the scroll to top button in the footer area. Once they click on that button they will end up coming to the top of the page. Magento is precisely for personal blogs, Magazine, Technology and gadgets related blogs. Post can easily shared with your friends on whatsapp.
Magento responsive blogger template

Features of Magento Blogger template

Custom Color ThemeYes
Google+ & Blogger comment areaAdded
Video Responsive templateAdded
Whatsapp share buttonAdded
Author & Email Subscribe formAdded
Large thumbnails on recent postsAdded
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Magento Blogger Template

Sep 28, 2016

Decent blogger template
Decent Blogger Template was previously published on btheme9 but with low seo and quality. We're up again by enhancing decent theme a bit more to work best on seo track. In this update you'll be able to change theme color by using Blogger's layout panel. Decent template is a fast load theme with complete responsiveness. If you want to use any of our older template, and you want to us to update the theme coding to new one. Kindly write below in the comment area. Lightbox hovering effects added on the thumbnail will bring a Pro look on your blog.
Decent Template for blogger

Features of Decent Blogger template

Custom Color ThemeYes
Two Navigation menu barAdded
Video Responsive templateAdded
Social Profile buttonsAdded
4 Portrait Related postsAdded
3 Column FooterAdded
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Decent Blogger Template

Sep 2, 2016

Detube Video blogger template
Detube Blogger Template was previously designed by Dedepress for WP users. The template was taken down for some reasons. As you can see Dedepress website is under process and will be coming soon. We hope to get more enhanced themes from them and wish them for the best. 40+ posts can be added on homepage through label featured widget. The grace of Detube theme is very attractive for pro bloggers. Elegant slider with loads of recent posts make it look even more user friendly. We hope you'll love this theme to appear on your blog.
Detube Responsive Template

Features of Detube Blogger template

Google Testing Tool Validator Test Check
Custom Color ThemeYes
Featured Slider on HomepageAdded
Video Responsive templateAdded
40+ posts on main pageAdded
Bookmark buttonsAdded
9 Related postsAdded
Post TagsAdded
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DeTube Video Blogger Template

Aug 22, 2016

Webview app for google play store
Btheme9 android app is available on play store.
  • Starter screen with floating logo
  • Push notifications for updates
  • Progress bar to load the Blog
  • Lightweight Webview app
  • Hola bloggies ! It is a great pleasure to announce that we have launched our android application, which can be downloaded from google play store. Whenever we publish a new template, this app will send a push notification to your android device. You guys are going to love this lightweight android app. Happy Blogging !
    Android app for website

    Android Webview app for Bloggertheme9

    Jul 28, 2016

    Fast Gear blogger template
    Fast Gear is a decent style template only a real time blogger can understand the attractive bit behind its simplicity. Fast Gear Blogger Template is way faster than an average blog template. Recent post style will surely attract tons of other bloggers from the decent design. Blogger's default share buttons are enhanced and set for the theme. Whatsapp share button will pop up a notification that the function will work on mobile device. We maintained the related post to appear in landscape look. Contact form is embedded in the footer column to easily access for any user. Share your comment about this clean and decent design template.
    Fast Gear Theme

    Features of Fast Gear Blogger template

    Google Testing Tool Validator Test Check
    Custom Color ThemeYes
    No image thumbnail on PopularPostsAdded
    Youtube Video ResponsiveAdded
    Related Post widgetAdded
    Recent Post WidgetAdded
    Whatsapp shareAdded
    Subscribe FormAdded
    Contact FormAdded
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    Fast Gear Custom Color Blogger Template

    Jul 24, 2016

    Clean Shift blogger template
    Hola Friends, After a long gap of three weeks i came up with an elegant design theme "Clear Shift Blogger Template". Its a custom color template Obviously! I've tried to make it as 3D as possible. You can see the unique part of Clear Shift Blogger Template behind Subscribe form and Address area on a ribbon. Table inside post area are enhanced to look professional. Lets say you've some posts with no images. Thumbnails on popular and recent posts gonna replace it with 'no image available'. Download this theme quickly and have the joy of this much fast in load template.
    Clean Shift Theme

    Features of Clean Shift Blogger template

    Google Testing Tool Validator Test Check
    Custom Color ThemeYes
    Featured Post AreaAdded
    No image found on PopularPostsAdded
    Youtube Video ResponsiveAdded
    6 Posts on Related PostAdded
    Recent Post WidgetAdded
    Table upgradedAdded
    Subscribe FormAdded
    Contact FormAdded
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    Clean Shift Blogger Template

    Jun 30, 2016

    Gear World Blogger Template

    Gear World blogger template, Gear World template download, Gear World template
    Gear World is a youtube friendly template, recent post thumbnails will be replaced from Youtube embed video, All Videos inside post area will appear as responsive. Gear World template's main color is set as blue, which can be changed by simply going on layout option. Main slider on home page and all other widgets are created with lighter weight scripts, that makes Gear world blogger template to load absolute faster. Social buttons are fixed on top right with back to top navigate option. Gear World theme is specifically designed for tech blogs, geek updates, games, gallery and personal blogs. Please do share your opinion if you like our designs.

    gear world Responsive Template

    Gear World template for Blogger

    Google Testing Tool Validator True Check
    Custom Color ThemeAdded
    Thumbnail Slider with categoryAdded
    Big thumbnail for PopularPostsAdded
    Fixed Navigation BarAdded
    Subscribe FormAdded
    Related Post WidgetAdded
    Author PanelAdded
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    Gear World

    Apr 23, 2016

    Zippo Blogger Template

    zippo blogger template, zippo template download, zippo template
    Zippo have an option to change template's scheme in 12 different colors. Beautiful fixed menu bar with thumbnails along with text links. We managed to enhance blogger's default social share buttons. Zippo is a user friendly template, where a visitor can easily choose their desired post. Labels are injected on top left of every thumbnail. 3D style subscribe form clipped on top of the sidebar. Don't forget to have sight on these custom color Blogger templates.

    zippo Responsive Template

    Zippo template for Blogger

    Google Testing Tool Validator True Check
    Custom Color ThemeAdded
    Elegant Subscribe FormAdded
    Thumbnail Menu barAdded
    Featured Post AreaAdded
    Recent Post WidgetAdded
    Lazy Load ImagesAdded
    Author PanelAdded
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