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Codesera Portfolio

Codesera is a one page portfolio Blogger template. It's an ideal design you're planning to promote your work and business together. Elegant s…

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Meem Store

Creating an online store with Meem, will let you add 'Marketplace links' on product page. Instant checkout process will ensure a high convers…

CarsYard Business

We added many sections on homepage which help the template users create unique blends. Your pages won’t look cookie-cutter with CarsYard template &am…


NewsYard template is best for those who have Tech, Magazine, News related niche Blog. 40+ articles on homepage with decent load time is gonna grab yo…

SEOForce Magazine

SEOForce is super fast blogger template that works best for Magazine, Gadgets, Tech news or any trending niche blog. Rigid and sturdy Seo tags are ad…

BizTratus Business

BizTratus is fastest in load & most SEO optimized Business Blogger template till date. Pricing table, accordion, darkmode & other premium fea…

Azon Store Ecommerce

Create a professional and feature rich online store with Azon Store. Features such as One page checkout will ensure a high conversion rate for all yo…

Wired News

WiredNews is a news template having many ad slots to increase your revenue. News ticker and static sidebars to increase your blog's bounce rate. …


TriuePixel is optimized to have a better bounce rate, which meant visitor will stay on your blog for longer just because of its latest & greatest…

Portfolio Blogger Templates

Create an elegant Portfolio for your Business, Brand or Company's website.


V-Portal is for you if your website is focused on publishing video content. An elegant yet professional Blogger template for your video blog, video m…


Live Preview FREE Download FREE Download for FREE with proper credits to Btheme9, no support included. 19$ Buy This Theme Remove Footer credits, Expe…

Souq Store Ecommerce

Souq a beautiful, minimal (& yet incredibly full-featured) ecommerce template that's ready for any project, including creating an online stor…

Logue Portfolio

Logue is another portfolio Blogger template that is ideal for freelancers who want to showcase their portfolio, services or product in a professional…

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Adsense Ads ready Templates

Having a clean, lightweight, and straightforward layout helps you in better advertisement placement which implies better income. If you're a new blogger who is working hard to make it big one day and interested in increasing your earnings then our Adsense Ads Ready Blogger Templates are ideal for you. Adsense is a Google-owned best paying Ad network for publishers out there. This Ad network is highly suitable for monetizing your blogs once you've some audience on your blog or website. However, to increase your earnings you need optimized ads ready templates like these. The main and the most important feature of these templates are the strategically and appropriately placed ad slots. The main reason for placing these slots on your Blogger blog is to increase and improve your monthly income. You can readily place your ads without any difficulty by simply adding your ad code. Even these templates come with the latest generation framework which is extremely fast in load. The color combination on most of our templates are extremely clean and clear to allow the Ads to be displayed clearly. Alongside the perfectly placed ad slots, another key feature of the template is that it is also very lightweight. This decreases the loading time of the template and makes the template seo optimized and user-friendly. Furthermore, Adsense is available by default on the dashboard, if you want to start earning you can do so by going in the widgets and activating it from there.

Best SEO Blogger Templates

The descent design of our Simple Bloggers' Templates will make your blog more attractive, engaging, and user friendly.

Adapted from Wordpress Blogger Templates

Searching for high quality professional templates always come in handy. WordPress is a powerful Content Management system, through which user can create dynamic website, store or a blog. There're quality WordPress themes with unique and beautiful designs. Most of WP themes are not yet available on other Blogging platforms. However, the downside when it comes to the WordPress themes is that after choosing the theme you can not modify any of the provided features and you have to apply the whole theme as is. On the other hand, Blogger allows you to customize any section or feature of the template on the go. Blogger is owned by Google & its free to use, no paid hosting is required to start your online presense. We've converted a wide range of WordPress themes for Blogger. A lot of features on WordPress are paid but on Blogger the expense you'll be paying is for Domain only. Your blog have better chances of being in top searches and will have better traffic if you use the Blogger platform. Consequently, Blogger has a better security in comparison to WordPress. We've a wide range of handpicked Wordpress Blogger templates converted on the basis of design, function and fast loading speed. In essence, if you want a professional Blog which is similar to WordPress, but is actually live on a blogger.

Customizable Blogger Templates

Blogger is one of the oldest and most amazing content management platforms that still hasn't lost its popularity. Blogging is something that is for everyone and it also has something to provide for everyone. This case is especially true for beginners so if you are planning to start up your own Blogging journey with your own unique style then you must check out our Customizable Blogger template. Having a blog can certainly help you keep more organized whether you are starting a personal blog or a professional blog. This Blogger templates not only help you with keeping organized but also bring you a variety of customizable options so you can give your Blog a more personal touch. This template allows you to change your theme color. A lot of templates only allow limited information to be displayed on the blog but you can change the layout of the author profile widget through the navigation dashboard. One of the most important features is that it can also allow you to increase or decrease the number of post articles or related articles on the homepage. Not only that, but you can also place custom orders to add any extra section or feature to your blogger templates. You can choose where you want your sidebar to appear on the left side with the main page on the right or vise-versa. Another cool feature of this customizable template is that you can set post article pages as full width which allows you to stretch your blog contents across the screen. You can even customize your display interface by changing Font Style or Icons Buttons, etc. All of these custom changes are just a click away.

Simple Blogger Templates

At first, writing a blog was mainly aimed at people, before long businesses comprehended the force a convincing online journal can have for their development. These days, there are hardly any businesses that do not have their own blog section on their websites. If you are looking for some elegant yet simple template to set up your own new personal or business Blog then look no further than Simple Blogger templates. By using these templates you don't have to worry about setting up a blog from scratch because these allow you to skip a few steps ahead. These templates are very minimalistic and are tailored from a few content elements. This makes these templates very lightweight and fast processing. These incredibly made templates are more centered around coherence and basic functionalities like logo arrangement, navigation menu, post articles and sidebar area etc. Unlike other templates with heavy layouts such as a magazine template, Simple templates are made on blogger’s latest generation framework which is version 3. This is because these templates are content-based rather than being design-focused. These templates provide the best quality fonts for easy readability and improved reader engagement. Though simple themes do not provide much in terms of options but that in itself is a plus point because it allows you to easily customize your blog to your liking. You don't have to worry about messy components and complex intricate designs because as the name suggests simple Blogger themes are quite simple in nature. These simple design templates are built with fewer on-page elements and widgets. This type of built reduces the loading time and makes your blog run faster even if it is on a slow network. These fast loading templates have color gradients that are developed with the help of the CSS. The reason for using color gradient instead of images is that it keeps the templates lightweight while retaining the quality of the design.

News Blogger Templates


Magazine Style Blogger Templates


Ultra Responsive Blogger Templates

We're in the year 2023 already! We all are quite aware that mobile is dominating the web, as every other person is holding a device in their hands, and they prefer accessing any website or blog from their hand hold devices. Unlike before when people used to get on PC or laptops just to access a website or any online store. Technology is enhancing every other day and making things easier and user friendly. Have a look on btheme9 templates, you will be amazed once to access on any of our free templates from any device whether its an ipad, tab or any handhold mobile device. When using our created templates you can be assured that your blog, website will provide a great user experience on any mobile phone. On Btheme9 we keep updating all our previous templates design too, you probably have noticed that all our templates are based on latest generation framework V3. Whatsapp is a must in todays world, your friends take less than a second to share any interesting article they like. You will find whatsapp, facebook and google share buttons on all our themes. One benefit of a fast-loading blog is the engagement of your reader and good traffic. Mobile first or ultra responsive Blogger templates remains on top when creating a design. Adding responsiveness to any design makes the interface less messy and complex, At the same time can be opened across browsers on multiple devices. The Google supports mobile first or resonsive templates which implies that it will affect the SEO in a better way. We create user friendly templates to make the experience more easy for your visitors.