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VideoPro Responsive Design

VideoPro is a feature-rich template which was created back in 2012 for WP blogs. VidePro blogger template can be used for video sites, news & magazine sites or any type of sites that you can imagine. You don't have to upload any image because this template is specially designed for Youtube videos. Thanks to Maskolis brothers for providing us with best video script ever made. Hats off to theme-junkie's Ceo Mr Roy. We used to convert best wp themes for blogger blogs. VideoPro is only template, we've added a sidebar navigation bar. Let us know what you think of this blogger template! We would love to hear your comments.

  • Blogger Template Name: VideoPro Premium

  • Wordpress Adapted Theme

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  • Wider Navigation Area in Sidebar
  • Related Video & Admin Widget
  • Small Sidebar for Bookmarks
  • Social Profile Counter Links
  • 4 Columns Footer
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  1. nice template...but no free :) succes bro i like all template from bloggertheme9,all template elegant

  2. Premium but ever best blogger template creation .. Well done!

  3. You finally publish premium template
    it's so beautiful

  4. Now most of your magazine templates (including this site) show only 1 column for homepage posts... how to fix that? I'ms guessing one of your scripts is messed up.

    1. its working fine. You mind elaborate or share print screen

    2. Now it has been solved. When I wrote, there was only 1 column on all your templates. I'm guessing something went wrong (a script?) and got corrected in the meantime.

  5. Nice Template but if it become free.....

  6. Great template Bro! So excited to see premium template.

  7. I'm interested with this but who will implement? I don't know how to implement this to my site. Thanks!

  8. Hello admin

    I just want to ask that i am partner of dailymotion .So is this themes gives me the thumbnail for all the videos i upload because i tried all the themes but don't support the thumbnail property for the video.

  9. i like this template

  10. How can I customize this theme for my website

  11. Thanks for the beautiful and clear template. How can I move the popular posts to the content column and display popular posts as the "What's New Here? "? I would like to buy it if there is this feature


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Purchase premium template and get updates for FREE.
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