Mar 20, 2016

Tech Life

Tech Life Blogger Template

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Tech Life blogger template is a 3 column web template which diagonally fits best on any mobile or screen device. The concept used on Tech Life is added to suite perfect on any android application. Tech Life blogger template has an attractive header which will suite best to add on WebView android app. 4 recent post are set to keep sliding below navigation menu. 8 featured posts can be picked and placed from 2 different labels. Subscribe form is on a place that audience can easily enter their email and submit.

Tech Life Responsive Template

Best Mag for Blogger Platform

Google Testing Tool Validator True Check
Custom Template ColorsAdded
Email Subscribe FormAdded
Sticky Navigation barAdded
Featured Post SliderAdded
Custom contact formAdded
Multi Tabbed WidgetAdded
3 Column ThemeAdded
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  2. Sir, I am Sharing Your Templates on My Blog With Proper Credits To You . Is it Okay

  3. I am using techlife template for my blog, , This template is very good , but i want to use youtube video thumbnail instead of image thumbnail in the posts. can you do that?

    Waiting for your reply...suresh

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  5. Replies
    1. follow these instructions :

  6. I'm using your templete for and am trying to set up the subscribe to newsletter widget, but I keep getting an error. Is there any instructions on how to set that up as well as the chat bubbles that float on the bottom right corner. Thank you and I am really enjoying this template.

    1. to activate subscribe form. replace 'Bloggrtheme09' with your feed name.

  7. please am using this template but am having problem with the comment form or box....its not showing that means no one can comment on my blog, please i need help urgently....thank you

    1. hello sir,
      Go to post editor.
      on bottom right click on options.
      Readers comments : Allow!

    2. naveed please am using blog and i cant find such thing there

  8. meanwhile my blog comment is on but yet the comment isn't showing

    1. contact us and send your blog url.


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