Jul 24, 2016

Clean Shift Blogger Template

Clean Shift blogger template
Hola Friends, After a long gap of three weeks i came up with an elegant design theme "Clear Shift Blogger Template". Its a custom color template Obviously! I've tried to make it as 3D as possible. You can see the unique part of Clear Shift Blogger Template behind Subscribe form and Address area on a ribbon. Table inside post area are enhanced to look professional. Lets say you've some posts with no images. Thumbnails on popular and recent posts gonna replace it with 'no image available'. Download this theme quickly and have the joy of this much fast in load template.
Clean Shift Theme

Features of Clean Shift Blogger template

Google Testing Tool Validator Test Check
Custom Color ThemeYes
Featured Post AreaAdded
No image found on PopularPostsAdded
Youtube Video ResponsiveAdded
6 Posts on Related PostAdded
Recent Post WidgetAdded
Table upgradedAdded
Subscribe FormAdded
Contact FormAdded
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  1. apakah compatible bila di pakai dengan domain blogspot

  2. what is the social ,,dont understand..example of the social please

  3. Table formating in not getting aligned in this template. Kindly help

    1. search for:
      tr th{width: 18em;}

      Change width from '18em' to '49%'

      Use below code in post editor.
      <tr><th>Table Heading</th><th>Location</th></tr>
      <tr><td>Diversion Ahead</td><td>Moved</td></tr>
      <tr><td>Diversion Nearby</td><td>Moved</td></tr>


    2. Thank you. I have changed the tr value in the HTML editor of Blogger . Also not sure where to update the table code, because when i update that in the post its showing in the main post. Kindly help

    3. Don't change the tr value.
      copy and paste this exact code sir.

  4. Just wanna say thanks fot the template. It's fast enough and suitable for blog