Sep 2, 2016

DeTube Video Blogger Template

Detube Video blogger template
Detube Blogger Template was previously designed by Dedepress for WP users. The template was taken down for some reasons. As you can see Dedepress website is under process and will be coming soon. We hope to get more enhanced themes from them and wish them for the best. 40+ posts can be added on homepage through label featured widget. The grace of Detube theme is very attractive for pro bloggers. Elegant slider with loads of recent posts make it look even more user friendly. We hope you'll love this theme to appear on your blog.
Detube Responsive Template

Features of Detube Blogger template

Google Testing Tool Validator Test Check
Custom Color ThemeYes
Featured Slider on HomepageAdded
Video Responsive templateAdded
40+ posts on main pageAdded
Bookmark buttonsAdded
9 Related postsAdded
Post TagsAdded
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  2. I've looked and posted as you say.
    Only it's doubling the post at home.

    1. You are making mistake inside the post code.

  3. How can I get de javascript of resel ,gem, pelb and list on the layout of blogger?